1949 Pineapple Bowl Program

The Beavers were once again the opposing team for the Hawaii Rainbows in the 1949 Pineapple Bowl, the third bowl game in program history. The Beavers had previously traveled to the Islands to defeat the Rainbows in the 1940 game. The fans showed up for the 1949 version of the Pineapple Bowl to the tune of 15,000. OSU had compiled a 5-4-3 overall record in Coach Lon Stiner’s final season. The Warriors posted a 7-3-1 record. Despite the Rainbows winning much of the statistical battle, the heavily favored Beavers forced 5 turnovers and won the game by an impressive 47-27 score. This rare game program is the only relic I have seen from that game and is unique because of its smaller size compared to normal programs.


1949 Stub

1942 Rose Bowl Picture – Don Durdan

“Too much Western football in general; Too much Don Durdan in particular.”  The quote from legendary Duke football coach, Wallace Wade, following Oregon State’s upset of Duke in the 1942 Rose Bowl said it all.  Don Durdan, a three sport star at OSU in football, baseball and basketball, was the game’s MVP after running for 54 yards and a touchdown and playing several other key roles, such as punter. Usually the smallest player on the field, the 5-foot-9 Durdan went on to play halfback and DB for the San Francisco 49ers in 1946 and 1947, and then played basketball professionally for the Portland Indians of the Pacific Coast Basketball League from 1947 to 1948. He was inducted into the Oregon State Sports Hall of fame in 1988, and into the Tournament of Roses Hall of Fame in 1998, the only Oregon Stater to achieve this honor.  This picture and caption appeared in OSU’s 1942 yearbook following the season. (OSU Archives)


1950’s Oregon State Banner made by the Chicago Pennant Co.

This highly collectable and rare banner was made by the Chicago Pennant Company, which made collegiate banners ane pennants like this, often with humerous pictures on them, from it appears the 1930’s through the company’s closing in 1979. The tag on this specific pennant indicates it’s likely from the early 1950’s or possibly the 1940’s.  This is the only one I have ever seen of this cool banner, which measures approximately 19″ long by 9 3/4″ high.


1957 Rose Bowl Pennant

Another memento from OSU’s 1957 Rose Bowl game vs. Iowa, this felt pennant comically shows a plump beaver enjoying a full stomach after chewing down a tree!  I didn’t know beavers actually ate the wood, but maybe they thought differently back in the 60’s!

I originally thought this was from 1965 until I came across this picture of an Iowa fan during the 1957 Rose Bowl game waiving the same pennant (on the right).

1957 Rose Bowl Pennant

Iowa 1957 Rose Bowl Pennant

1904 Men’s Basketball – Team Picture

Men’s basketball was established at Oregon State in 1901, ironically a few years after the college had already fielded a woman’s team!  This team picture of the 1904 men’s team shows the “champions” and their two coaches, Mr. Thorpe and Mr. Trine, who led the roundballers to a successful 7-3 season.  Notice the length of the shorts in this picture, which seem to almost go to knee level (something we wouldn’t see again for another almost 90 years). (OSU Archives)

1904 Men's Basketball

1957 Rose Bowl Pinback

The 1957 Rose Bowl pitted the Beavers of Oregon State versus the Hawkeyes of Iowa. In this second of Oregon State’s three Rose Bowl appearances, Iowa won the game 35-19 to complete an 8-1 season, while the loss dropped the Beavers to 7-2-1 on the year.   These two pinbacks with ribbons and small football charms were a memento from that game.  The buttons are the same but the ribbons and charms differ slightly.

1957 Possibly (4)1957 Rose Bowl (Possibly)

Oregon Agricultural College Pennant – c. 1910

This early 1900’s wool pennant with hand cut and stitched OAC letters was from a time when today’s Oregon State University was known as Oregon Agricultural College. It was in 1890 when the college, then known as the Corvallis State Agricultural College, informally became known as Oregon Agricultural College (OAC), with the name change becoming official several years later. At this time orange was adopted as the school color, with black as the background color.  The OAC name stood until 1927 when the name was changed to the Oregon State College.  The first reference to the Beaver as the official mascot for the school was seen in the school newspaper during 1908, but it wasn’t until 1910 that it was used in reference to athletics.  This age and style of this pennant dates it to the early years of of the OAC Beavers!

Circa 1900 OAC Pennant

OAC Baseball Champions – 1900

Prior to the beginnings of varsity baseball in 1907, Oregon State played baseball on an occasional basis beginning as early as 1883. In 1899, the school began playing an indoor version of the game. In 1900, the indoor baseball team, pictured here, compiled a 3-1 record, which included wins over the University of Oregon, Albany College and the Salem YMCA. [OSU Archives, P25:1352.]

1900 Indoor Champions

1967 Giant Killers Jersey – Game Used!

The 2012 OSU football team decided to honor the 1967 Giant Killers when they wore a commemorative jersey during the annual Civil War game against the Oregon Ducks.  Fans thought highly of these jerseys but many likely had no idea what the real 1967 jerseys looked like.  This is a picture of the authentic jersey worn by the starting free safety on the 1967 Giant Killers team, Mark Waletich, from Portland’s own Wilson High School.  If you look closely you can still see the tiny stitch marks where they hand sewed the holes from the jersey’s battle scars from some hard fought games.  Here are also some pictures of a game program showing Waletich running behind Dee Andros and a couple more showing the players in the jerseys!

1967 OSU Jersey

Jersey 2 1967 Framed 1967 Program showing Jersey #27Jersey Program Pic Giant Killers full reso

1967 Giant Killers Helmet

It was during a four-week period in 1967 that the Beavers became the only college football team to ever go undefeated against three top two teams in one season since the inception of the AP Poll, which included an epic 3-0 victory over an OJ Simpson lead and #1 ranked USC team, thus earning this team the “Giant Killers” nickname.  This helmet was worn by former OSU player, Bob Jeremiah, who was an integral member of that team! (Courtesy Oregonlive)

A Hero in Giant Killers I in 1967