1949 Pineapple Bowl Program

The Beavers were once again the opposing team for the Hawaii Rainbows in the 1949 Pineapple Bowl, the third bowl game in program history. The Beavers had previously traveled to the Islands to defeat the Rainbows in the 1940 game. The fans showed up for the 1949 version of the Pineapple Bowl to the tune of 15,000. OSU had compiled a 5-4-3 overall record in Coach Lon Stiner’s final season. The Warriors posted a 7-3-1 record. Despite the Rainbows winning much of the statistical battle, the heavily favored Beavers forced 5 turnovers and won the game by an impressive 47-27 score. This rare game program is the only relic I have seen from that game and is unique because of its smaller size compared to normal programs.


1949 Stub

2 thoughts on “1949 Pineapple Bowl Program

  1. Hi! I have this exact combination of memorabilia that was given to me by my grandfather. I was hoping someone could tell me what it is worth (USD$). Thanks!

    • Thanks for the comment! And great question… these are a little hard to value because you don’t see them very often, so sometimes I’m surprised at either how high or low this type of rare item may go. I got my program on ebay for around $100 and I don’t have the ticket stub, I just found a picture online. If I had to guess, I’d think the combo of the two of those would probably be worth $200-$300 on the open market, but again, I’ve only seen the one program I got on ebay probably in the last 5 years… so you just never know! Not sure whether that helps or not?

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