Circa 1912 Picture of Baseball Team Awards Display

This is one of my favorite old pictures I’ve come across because there are so many neat things that can be seen in it.  This is a picture of a table full of memorabilia from the Oregon State baseball team, which could have been set up for an end of year party or maybe for all the other students to see!  We can assume this picture was taken probably sometime around 1912 because the pennants at the top say “Aggies,” which is what OSU was known as before the mascot became the Beavers sometime around 1910 (it still took several years to phase that in because I have seen a football article from 1926 which still referred to them as the “Oregon Aggies”).  In one of the comments to my original post on this, my friend Trevor pointed out that the company who took the picture has been in Corvallis since 1912, which helps figure out the rough date! Taking a closer look at the photo, here are some of the things that stand out…  The OAC pennants and the Aggies pennants are some of the oldest pictures of pennants that I have seen.  There are a lot of individual photos on the table and hanging on that blanket behind the display.  The blanket, with the large O, is an official blanket of some sort.  I wonder if it’s a very early Pendleton Woolen Mills blanket?  We know that Pendleton Woolen Mills, which opened in 1909, made official blankets that looked like this for OSU back as early as the 1940’s and they were given to athletes at the end of the season, but this would mean they may have made blankets for OSU well before that!  The couple trophies on the table appear to say “Stall Dean Championship Cup.”  I bet a close review of early yearbooks could help figure out what year this is from because we can see the style of hats and jerseys they wore in the picture.  What else do you see??? One thing is for sure, they were definitely proud of their team!

Baseball Display Table

2 thoughts on “Circa 1912 Picture of Baseball Team Awards Display

  1. The tag in the bottom right looks like it says Ball Studios. There is a Ball Studio in Corvallis, and according to their website (, it was established in 1912. Maybe this is from one of their early photo shoots?

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