1942 Rose Bowl Ring

The earliest championship rings in professional and college sports were given out in the early 1920’s but it wasn’t until the 1930’s that these rings became commonplace.  In 1942, the Oregon State football team traveled to Durham, North Carolina to play Duke in the only Rose Bowl played outside of California, due to the start of WWII.  The Beavers won the game for their only Rose Bowl victory in program history.  To commemorate that team, the school presented the players and some coaches/staff with Rose Bowl Championship rings!  With only 33 players on the roster and a much smaller staff than today’s teams, it’s likely less than 50 of these rings were ever handed out.  Who knows how many still even exist!  The ring below belonged to Bill Halverson, an offensive lineman on that team, who you can tell proudly wore it for many years before his passing in 1984!  Following the 1942 college season, Halverson was an 8th round draft pick of the Philadelphia Eagles (63rd overall pick) and he played in 8 games during his one and only season in the NFL.  Halverson can be seen in the bottom picture (back row, far right), sporting his new 1942 Rose Bowl jacket the players wore on their trip to Durham! (Ring pics courtesy of Gasoline Alley Antiques)

Sierra Exif JPEG Sierra Exif JPEG Sierra Exif JPEG Bill Halverson (top right)

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