1963 NCAA Final Four – Game Program

1963 was OSU’s first and only appearance in the NCAA Men’s Final Four basketball tournament.  That team, led by the great Mel Counts and the football team’s Heisman Trophy winner, Terry Baker, won their first three games over Seattle U., San Francisco, and Arizona State to make it to the Final Four in Louisville, Kentucky.  They matched up with Cincinatti in the first game and trailed 30-27 before ultimately getting destroyed in the second half to lose 80-47.  Terry Baker had the flu before that game and scored zero point, which most of the guys attributed to the team’s lackluster play.  The Beavers, coached by the great Slats Gill, played Duke for the third place game and lost 85-63.  They finished the season with a 22-9 season record.  Below is the program from that one Final Four!

1963 Final Four Program

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