Oregon State Pin & Charm

Here is another Oregon State pin with a black and orange ribbon and small plastic football charm.  I’m not sure of the age on this one, but it seems to be probably from the 1960’s if I had to guess!  I haven’t seen a lot of pins after the 1970’s that were made with the elaborate ribbons and charms like many of the old ones have.


Oregon State’s 1948-1949 Final Four Basketball Team

Oregon State’s 1948-1949 men’s basketball team is considered one of head coach Slatts Gill’s finest coaching performances, taking a team with only one returning starter from the previous year, all the way to a Pacific Coast Conference Championship and Oregon State’s first NCAA Final Four appearance.  After beating Arkansas to start the tournament and reach the Final Four, the Beavers lost to Oklahoma A&M and then to Illinois in the third place game to finish fourth overall.  The Beavers finished with a 24-12 record and wouldn’t reach the Final Four again until 1963… and they haven’t been back since!  This team picture and plaque was presented to OSC Assistant Coach, Paul Valenti, who later became the head coach of the Beavers.  Notice the round patches on the jackets to commemorate their conference championship, which you can see up close in the second picture.  Lastly, here is a picture of the program and ticket stub from that NCAA tournament, which was held at the University of Washington’s Edmundson Pavilion.

photo1948-1949 PCC Patch1949 Final Four Program1949 Ticket

Vintage Oregon State Hat c. 1920’s

This is a great example of the type of wool hats that fans, or “rooters,” would wear to Oregon State games back in the olden days.  This is one of the oldest hats I have seen and the overall style and condition lends this to probably having been worn sometime during the 1920’s or 1930’s!  I also came across this picture showing a similar hat with an OAC pennant behind it, which would date at least the drawing of that hat to pre-1927.

Vintage Hat


1917 OAC Pin from Railroad Company

This is one of the oldest pins I have dating back to 1917.  This pin was given out by a railroad that I’m assuming made stops in Corvallis (I have to look at the back of the pin to find the railroad company’s name).  I have seen a similar pin from the 1920’s by the same railroad but never another one this old.  This was given to me by an old-timer in Corvallis who has been collecting small things like this for years.  He’ll probably have one heck of an estate sale!

1917 OAC Railroad Pin