Vintage Oregon State Felt Pennant with Stitched Letters

This 30 inch long vintage black felt pennant has “Oregon State” in stitched orange letters. The stitched letter pennants were more common pre-1940 and before more and more tenants started being screen printed. I would probably date this pennant to the 1930’s.  I have a few different variations of similar looking pennants but each is slightly different, usually in letter size and placement.


1965 Oregon State Rose Bowl Pin With Metal Charm

This pin with a small metal football player charm is from the 1965 Rose Bowl, the last time the Beavs played in a Rose Bowl game.  Oregon State lost to Michigan 34-7 and here is a little background about that game.  The Beavers made their third Rose Bowl appearance with a bit of controversy. Following the disbanding of the Pacific Coast Conference in 1959 due to a pay-for-play scandal, the reformed Athletic Association of Western Universities did not initially include Oregon State and Oregon. The two Oregon schools rejoined in time for the 1964 season, but the conference did not have time to reschedule a full head-to-head conference schedule. As a result, Oregon State and USC did not play each other, and when they finished with identical 3–1 conference records, the decision of which team to send to Pasadena was left to a vote among the conference’s schools. At first, the most people assumed Oregon State would get the nod based on their better overall record (8–2 vs. 7–3). However, when it was announced that the vote would be delayed until after USC’s season ending game with top ranked and undefeated Notre Dame, many people inferred that if USC upset the Irish, they would get the nod. Indeed, USC shocked Notre Dame 20–17 so now many people assumed USC would get the Rose Bowl invitation. When the vote was taken just hours after the USC – Notre Dame game, the conferences’ eight members split, four votes for both Oregon State and USC. The tiebreaker in such an instance was to eliminate the team that had more recently gone to the Rose Bowl, and Southern California had gone two years prior.

1965 Rose Bowl

Vintage Wool Oregon State Hats/Beanies

These two old wool hats came as a package deal when I got them about a year ago. The orange one with the black rim has the “O” on the front but the black hat doesn’t have a letter on it.  The black one is very small, leading me to believe it was a youth hat (my 4 year old can wear it!).  Both of these appear about the same age, which if I had to guess, would probably be the 1930’s-1940’s.

Vintage Caps

Oregon State Pennant (c. 1950’s)

What makes this 30 inch long pennant unique from most of the other similar ones from this era is it’s the only one I’ve seen where only the word “Oregon” is printed in big letters across the pennant and not the full “Oregon State.” The school crest shows the name Oregon State College, which was the school’s name up until March of 1961 when College was replaced with University. That is why I believe this to be a late 1950’s era pennant.

OSC Pennant

Early 1960’s Beaver Pin with Plastic Figurine

This vintage Oregon State pinback is one of my favorites because it is the only one I have seen with a small plastic figurine of a football player that was hand painted. By looking at the uniform and helmet of the little figure with the two bars across the facemask, I would date this to the early 1960’s. This came out of a collection of similar pins from other colleges, but I’m not sure who made them or why!


Vintage OSU “Shriners” Style Hat

This is a pretty unique “Shriners” style Oregon State hat that is made of wool and has a neat tassel on top. I don’t know if “Shriner” is even a style of hat… but it just reminded me of those organizations wearing this type of hat so that’s what I’m calling it!  I’m not sure how old this hat is, but it appears to be a 1940’s-1950’s era because that’s when these old wool hats were popular around college campuses.

Schriner Style Hat