1950’s Oregon State “Carter Hoffman” Wood Carved Mascot

Carter Hoffman was a well-known artist from Los Angeles who made individually hand carved wood mascots for various colleges back in the 1950s.  These figurines can be easily identified as each has the “Carter Hoffman Original” stamp on the bottom of it’s feet.  Sold under the name “Carter Hoffman Artcraft” they have become highly collectible and can routinely fetch several hundred dollars and up.  A brochure from the 1950s lists over 120 different schools that they made mascots for, including Oregon State College. They also produced bottle stoppers for a period of time which were usually the heads of a mascot glued to a cork.

The full mascots were advertised inside college football game programs, like this one below showing the Ivy League mascots from a 1954 Harvard-Columbia program.  They could be ordered from Carter Hoffman in several different sizes. Most are 4-5 inches tall, however there are 8-10 inch versions which very infrequently appear.  This Oregon State Beaver Mascot below is about 5 inches tall.  Because they are hand carved, each one is unique.

I have only seen two different Oregon State Carter Hoffman carvings and only this one bottle stopper, all three of which were sold by Inside The Park Collectibles, an online auction site that specializes in these mascots. The first OSC mascot and bottle stopper were sold in 2009 and the other mascot sold earlier this month, nearly 5 years after the first!  That is a pretty good indication of their rarity!  Point being, if you see one for a decent price, even if for a different school, buy it!

Carter Hoffman Wood Carving 1 Sold for 324 in 20095840c_lg[1] 1950's Carter Hoffman Drink Poure Sold for $433 in 2009 2450d_lg 2450e_lg columbia-harvard Program-1954 hoffman-catalog-2FullSizeRender

2 thoughts on “1950’s Oregon State “Carter Hoffman” Wood Carved Mascot

  1. I have a OSC Beaver, hand carved that belonged to my father who went to OSC in 1936. What’s i worth?Anbody interested? I’ll send a picture. 5.2 inches tall Base is 1.5×2. It is not signed.

    • Thanks for the comment. I’d love to see a picture of it. You can send it to Jordan at nwsmg dot com. It’s hard to know the value without determining if it was a one of a kind piece or if it was something that was bought in a store and more may exist. If it’s from 1936 then that’s way before most of the carved statutes out there, so that would be a big plus. Send a picture and I’ll try to give you a better idea.

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