1974 McCormick Distillery Oregon State Beavers Mascot Decanter

This neat hand painted ceramic decanter, featuring OSU’s Beaver about to smash something with a piece of tree he had just chewed off, was produced by the McCormick Distilling Co. in 1974 ad part of a collection of college mascots.  At about 12 inches high, the Beaver’s head comes off and has a cork attached to the bottom of it, which sealed whatever special liquid that came in it at the time!

Based in Missouri, McCormick has the distinction of being the longest continuously operated distillery in the United States. Over the years McCormick has produced a series of decanters which are sought after by collectors. Produced between 1968 and 1987, at least 175 decanters were released in collections, including the college mascot collection  in 1974.  Each school’s design has their mascot in all different unique poses and they can often be found on Ebay or other collectable sites for a relatively affordable price (usually $50-100).

OSU Decanter 1974 (1) OSU Decanter 1974 (2) OSU Decanter 1974 (3) OSU Decanter 1974 (4)

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