1950’s Oregon State College (OSC) Pin

This simple O.S.C. pin is one of the few I have posted that I actually don’t own.  It dates most likely to the 1950’s, as OSC changed to OSU by 1962.  A picture of it was sent to me by a guy who collects pins from all colleges around the country and he saw my blog and decided to send me a picture of all his Oregon State collection so we could compare.  He had this pin and two others I hadn’t seen before (one of which I now have).  I was kind of excited that I had one or two OSU pins he actually didn’t have too!


1957 Oregon State Rose Bowl Pennant

This 1957 OSU Rose Bowl pennant is a slight variation from this earlier pennant I posted.  Besides being orange with black writing (the earlier version was black with orange writing), there are a couple other small differences.  First, the picture showing the beaver and the Oregon State text do appear to be the same on both pennants.  However, the picture and writing on the left side of the pennant, showing the roses and the stadium, are slightly different.  Notice the bottom the black pennant, below the stadium, has two roses, while this pennant shows three roses.  Both have one rose above the stadium, but the leaves are slightly different.  And the stadium is a little smaller in this orange version than in the black version.  Also, above the stadium, the “Rose Bowl” writing on the black pennant is in cursive, while on the orange version it’s traditional letters.  Lastly, the orange pennant also has four different colors printed on it while the black one just has two. I still believe these are both from the 1957 Rose Bowl game, but maybe they were just printed at different locations, or the orange one was a little more money!?

1965 RB 1957 Rose Bowl Pennant

Beaver “Collegiate Cologne” Decanter by the National Porcelain Co. (c. 1960’s-1970’s)

So my buddy Ryan and I were down in Corvallis for a football game a couple weeks ago and we were sitting at the bar in Flat Tail Brewing getting ready for the game. Behind the bar there was a shelf with an assortment of random things, like trophies, helmets, and some other items. I noticed a ceramic beaver figurine about 8 inches tall that I hadn’t seen before, so I looked closer and snapped a picture between drinks.

The tag on the bottom of the decanter said “Collegiate Cologne” and then 4oz.  A little internet searching pulled up some similar decanters from other schools (all unique mascots) and it looks like these were a series of cologne decanters made by the National Porcelain Co. of Great Falls Montana, either in the late 1960’s or early 1970’s. I bet that was some good smelling stuff back in the day!  Nothing like a little beaver cologne to attract the ladies!

Anyway, a few school mascots can be found on ebay for reasonable prices, but I haven’t seen another Beaver… so if you see one, grab it for me!  The first picture is the Beaver decanter I took a picture of.  Next is a picture of a different mascot in the original box and then a group of them I found on the internet to show how they are all unique.

Collegiate Cologne National Porcelain Co. Early 60's Collegiate Cologne Box 1472_jpg[1]

Oversized Beavers Pinback (c. 1950’s-1960’s)

This orange and black Beavers pin is unique because it’s about three to four times larger than most of the normal older pins I see.  I’m unsure of its age, but I’m guessing it’s from the late 1950’s or 1960’s.  The “wave” style reminds me of the Pepsi logo, which I know has been around since the 1930’s, but this pin isn’t that old!

Oversized Beavers Pin

Oregon Agricultural College (OAC) Vintage Felt Pennant (c. 1900-1910)

I recently came across another very old and rare Oregon State pennant, which is similar to an earlier one I posted a while ago.  This full sized pennant, with black OAC letters hand stitched onto the orange felt, is at the latest from1926, as Oregon Agricultural College (OAC) changed its name to Oregon State College by 1927. Given the style and condition of this pennant, it appears to be very early, and the styling of the lettering matches at least one picture I have seen back in 1900. By the 1920’s I believe the style of writing the OAC had changed a little bit to a different font.

OAC Pennant