Beaver “Collegiate Cologne” Decanter by the National Porcelain Co. (c. 1960’s-1970’s)

So my buddy Ryan and I were down in Corvallis for a football game a couple weeks ago and we were sitting at the bar in Flat Tail Brewing getting ready for the game. Behind the bar there was a shelf with an assortment of random things, like trophies, helmets, and some other items. I noticed a ceramic beaver figurine about 8 inches tall that I hadn’t seen before, so I looked closer and snapped a picture between drinks.

The tag on the bottom of the decanter said “Collegiate Cologne” and then 4oz.  A little internet searching pulled up some similar decanters from other schools (all unique mascots) and it looks like these were a series of cologne decanters made by the National Porcelain Co. of Great Falls Montana, either in the late 1960’s or early 1970’s. I bet that was some good smelling stuff back in the day!  Nothing like a little beaver cologne to attract the ladies!

Anyway, a few school mascots can be found on ebay for reasonable prices, but I haven’t seen another Beaver… so if you see one, grab it for me!  The first picture is the Beaver decanter I took a picture of.  Next is a picture of a different mascot in the original box and then a group of them I found on the internet to show how they are all unique.

Collegiate Cologne National Porcelain Co. Early 60's Collegiate Cologne Box 1472_jpg[1]

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