Oregon State Homecoming Pins

Back in “good old days” the annual homecoming event at most colleges, including Oregon State, was a big event, celebrated with campus decorations and student events and alumni events. Starting around 1904, homecoming at OSU became tied to a home football game and over 100 years later we still celebrate it much like we did years ago.  For a great article on OSU’s homecoming tradition, read George Edmonston’s piece for the Alumni Association here.  Back in the 1950’s through the 1970’s it was common for fans attending the homecoming game to purchase commemorative pins they could place on their lapel or hats. Each year was different and often had a funny picture of a Beaver beating up on whatever the opponent’s mascot was.  This group of five pins is a sample of some of the homecoming pins from those years. My favorite of this lot has an appropriate for the time play on words, with the saying “Bomb Moscow,” which of course is referring to both our good friends in Russia at the time, and our friends in Moscow, Idaho, the home of the University of Idaho Vandals… that year’s opponent! Homecoming Pins

1961 Homecoming

197819761969 Homecoming


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