1942 Rose Bowl Game Ball – Oregon State vs. Duke

In earlier posts I have given some background on Oregon State’s first appearance (and only victory) in a Rose Bowl game, which took place on New Years Day in 1942.  It was this game when the boys from Corvallis defeated a favored Duke 20-16 in the only Rose Bowl game not played in California, due to concerns on the West Coast after the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor a few weeks earlier. Oregon State’s Don Durdan was named the “Rose Bowl Player Of The Game” when the award was created in 1953 and selections were made retroactively.

This is a game ball from that 1942 Rose Bowl game (Photo by Jon Gardiner).  It currently resides in the Duke Sports Hall of Fame and is shown in a great online article by Duke Magazine that was written in 2011, giving Duke’s perspective of this unique Rose Bowl game.  But if game balls were given back in 1942, I’m sure Don Durdan had one of these sitting on his shelf for many years!

1942 Rose Bowl Game Ball

1965 Rose Bowl Commemorative Silver Cup/Trophy – Chrysler Corp.

On New Years Day in1965, the 8-1 Oregon State Beavers played in its third (and most recent) Rose Bowl game. This time against a 7-1 Michigan Wolverines team, ranked #4 in the country.  Michigan was an 11 point favorite, but after a scoreless first quarter, it was the Beavs who struck first going up 7-0 in the second quarter.  Unfortunately, those were the last points scored by OSU as Michigan scored 34 unanswered points, dropping OSU to 8-2 on the year.

This silver cup, about 8 inches in diameter, I’m assuming was given by the game sponsor, Chrysler Corporation, as a gift to either their employees or possibly to people who helped put the game on. Engraved at the top is “1965 Rose Bowl.”  The second line reads “Michigan – Oregon St.”  And on the bottom, “Chrysler Corporation.” I have only seen two of these cups, so I’m not sure as to their rarity.  But overall, a neat memento of OSU’s sparse Rose Bowl History!

1965 Rose Bowl Silver Bowl