Vintage Oregon State Pinbacks – OSC, Oregon Aggies

This picture of a small group of pins was sent to me by an avid collector college pins.  He actually collects pins for every school in the country… and I thought I was obsessed in collecting what I have for one school!).  These are just a few of his Oregon State collection, but I chose this picture because I don’t have a couple of these pins and hadn’t seen them before.  The O.S.C. pin, which is likely from the late 1950’s, seems simple enough, but I have never seen another one.  And the all orange Oregon State one with the ribbon and charm (which we can’t see in the picture) is another pin I haven’t seen before.

The one pin in this group that is interesting is the green and gold (or yellow) pin on the left that says Oregon Aggies.  Now we know Oregon State was known as the Aggies back in the 1890’s through around 1910, when the Beaver started to be referenced as the mascot.  So that would date this pin to sometime in that roughly 20 year period… but the more interesting question is what’s the deal with the green and gold colors?  As early as 1893 Oregon State’s official colors were already orange and black.  As for green, the only reference I can find to that color being used was in 1917 when the upperclassmen made the freshman, or “rooks,” wear green hats so everyone could identify who they were.  The problem is I thought Oregon State was known as the Beavers by that time!  And before OSU adopted Orange and black as the color, one of the earliest school colors was actually blue.  Anyone have any other ideas?  Was there another school at the time called the Oregon Aggies with green as their color?  We know it wasn’t the fowls down south!

Maury Ingram Pin Collection

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