Another Oregon Agricultural College (OAC) Vintage Felt Pennant (c. 1898-1910)

Last year I posted a link to a vintage orange felt pennant with black OAC letters that dated to the early 1900’s.  Well, I came across a second full sized felt pennant that is very similar, including the font type on the hand cut and stitched black letters. The main difference is this pennant lacks the periods between the letters and the letters are slightly smaller overall.  The font on both these pennants can be traced to as early as 1907, where I have an OAC basketball team picture with the exact same font on the letters on jerseys. But by 1920, at the very latest, the OAC font had changed to more of the calligraphy type that you see on another OAC pennant I posted a while back. Also, in some of the pre-1900 pictures I have seen, the letter A looks the same as this pennant but the O was flat on top and not pointed, as it is here.  I’m sure a review of old yearbooks would probably help get the timeline straight!

OAC Pennant (2) Pennant