1920’S-1930’S – Oregon State College “OSC” Felt Pennant

Similar to an earlier Oregon State College pennant I posted, this hand stitched black and orange felt pennant shows the unique overlapping OSC logo that was used by Oregon State I believe from the late 1920’s to early 1930’s.  This particular pennant seems to be an early one the “OSC” days because it’s a slightly larger size than most pennants, both in terms of width and length, which was more common earlier in the century.  Also, the calligraphy style of the overlapping letters was used prior to shifting to the more formal styling of the letters, like you see in the previous pennant I posted.  A very unique find, now I just need an oversized hard plastic sleeve that the pennant can fit in!

Speaking of protecting your pennants, I keep all of mine in the rigid clear hard plastic sleeves that can be purchases on ebay for around a couple dollars each.  This makes them easy to hang and should keep them clean and protected for years.  I highly recommend putting any vintage pennants you may have in this type of sleeve.

1920's-1930's Pennant