This website is dedicated to sharing and documenting historical relics and photos related to Oregon State University’s rich history of athletics!  Most of the relics you see are from my personal collection and are not for sale. You’re welcome to send me questions or comments about any of the items you see, and if you have items you’ve come across that you would like an opinion on, or you think I might be interested in seeing, I’d love to hear from you!

With respect to the pictures in this blog, I’m drawing on a number of sources and attribution is posted under each photo where possible. Beaver Relics is not affiliated with any organization. This is an unofficial, personal, and non-commercial venture.

This blog will be somewhat short on text and long on photos. I can’t guarantee of the accuracy of the stories that are told, but I try my best to research them. It’s a forum for displaying items and photos of OSU’s past, to show past school spirit and just to enjoy some wonderful items of Beaver Nation past.

NOTE: Except in a few rare cases where I use my own photographs, I do not own the rights to these images. If you wish to use any images you see here, please visit the website of the source cited under each image for their particular usage rules and restrictions.

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