1907 Footballers – 6 wins and 0 losses… Never gave up a point!

In the 120 year history of Oregon State football, only three teams finished the season with an unblemished record… the 1897 team finished a “lengthy” season with a 2-0 record; the 1907 team finished 6-0; and the 1914 team finished 7-0.  But it was the 1907 team who finished the season with not only an unblemished record, but an unblemished defense as well!  Over this six game season, they outscored their opponents 137-0!  The Oregon State student paper, the Barometer, published a special edition to recognize the 1907 footballers and this incredible season.  To view this incredible piece of history from the 1907 team, click here. Below is a team photo found in the OSU Archives.

1907 Champions

1942 Rose Bowl Picture – Don Durdan

“Too much Western football in general; Too much Don Durdan in particular.”  The quote from legendary Duke football coach, Wallace Wade, following Oregon State’s upset of Duke in the 1942 Rose Bowl said it all.  Don Durdan, a three sport star at OSU in football, baseball and basketball, was the game’s MVP after running for 54 yards and a touchdown and playing several other key roles, such as punter. Usually the smallest player on the field, the 5-foot-9 Durdan went on to play halfback and DB for the San Francisco 49ers in 1946 and 1947, and then played basketball professionally for the Portland Indians of the Pacific Coast Basketball League from 1947 to 1948. He was inducted into the Oregon State Sports Hall of fame in 1988, and into the Tournament of Roses Hall of Fame in 1998, the only Oregon Stater to achieve this honor.  This picture and caption appeared in OSU’s 1942 yearbook following the season. (OSU Archives)


1904 Men’s Basketball – Team Picture

Men’s basketball was established at Oregon State in 1901, ironically a few years after the college had already fielded a woman’s team!  This team picture of the 1904 men’s team shows the “champions” and their two coaches, Mr. Thorpe and Mr. Trine, who led the roundballers to a successful 7-3 season.  Notice the length of the shorts in this picture, which seem to almost go to knee level (something we wouldn’t see again for another almost 90 years). (OSU Archives)

1904 Men's Basketball

OAC Baseball Champions – 1900

Prior to the beginnings of varsity baseball in 1907, Oregon State played baseball on an occasional basis beginning as early as 1883. In 1899, the school began playing an indoor version of the game. In 1900, the indoor baseball team, pictured here, compiled a 3-1 record, which included wins over the University of Oregon, Albany College and the Salem YMCA. [OSU Archives, P25:1352.]

1900 Indoor Champions

The Pyramid Play

The 1933 Oregon State football team, most famously known as the “Iron Men” for their dramatic tie of #1 ranked USC using only 11 players the entire game, also left its mark on football as we know it when a play they devised to block opponent’s extra points was ultimately banned by the NCAA at the conclusion of the season.   On November 11, 1933, against the Oregon Ducks during the annual Civil War game at Multnomah Stadium, now Jeld-Wen Field, the Beavers had a 6’5″ center named Clyde Devine and two 6’2″ tackles named Harry Fields and Ade Schwammel. The two tackles hoisted Devine upon their shoulders. With the combination of their height and Devine’s long arm span, they were able to successfully block one of Oregon’s two kicks.  Oregon Journal staff photographer, Ralph Vincent, managed to capture the use of the play in the 1933 Civil War with his Graflex camera. Instantly, Vincent, his photo, and the OAC Beavers were thrust into national attention. The photo quickly appeared in the Saturday Evening Post and other eastern newspapers. Discussion of the play heated up quickly with sportswriters arguing whether the play was good or not for the game of football. Some simply labeled the play a ‘sports trick’.  As a result, the NCAA decided to ban the play following the 1933 season!  (Courtesy OSU Archives)

HC2516_Pyramid1933 - Copy