1957 OSU Rose Bowl Pennants vs. Iowa

I have come across a couple different variations of pennants from the Beavers 1957 Rose Bowl vs. Iowa, including these two below.  The top one is the first I have seen from this game that actually has the 1957 date on it.  The other pennants with no date you basically had to date by finding old pictures, as I did with this earlier 1957 Rose Bowl pennant that I posted about.

1957 Rose Bowl Pennant

Gasolinealleyantiques.com 1957

1942 Duke Rose Bowl Pin vs. OSU – “Beat Hitler and Oregon State”

As you recall from previous posts, the 1942 Rose Bowl game that pitted Oregon State against Duke came at a tumultuous time in our country.  Weeks before the game the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, causing the game being moved from California to Duke’s campus in Raleigh, North Carolina.  Within a few days after the bombing, America would be at war with both Japan and Germany, and many of the men on both football teams would soon be in the war themselves, with some making the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

This white pinback is a little larger than a silver dollar and reads in Duke blue writing “BEAT HITLER AND OREGON STATE.”  While I’m sure many Duke fans wore that pin proudly back in 1942, this is the only one I have ever seen.  I have no idea if there was a “Beat Hitler and Duke” pin created for the OSU side, but if there was, I’m sure if would have been worn proudly too!

This pin is great example of sports and world events bringing a group of fans together and the nationalism that often ensues.  While the pin was made for Duke fans, I felt it was just too good to not post on an OSU memorabilia blog!

1942 RB Pin - Copy

1942 Rose Bowl Trophy – Oregon State vs. Duke

I have previously posted some items and info on 1942 Rose Bowl game between Oregon State and Duke, which is most famous for being the only Rose Bowl played outside of California.  Due to concerns over WWII, the game was played in Durham, NC, where Oregon State upset a heavily favored Duke team by a score of 20-16.

While some memorabilia from this game can be found, one of the more rare items is the trophy that players and coaches were awarded from that game.  All Oregon State coaches and players received the trophies and we know at least the Duke coaches received them as well, because there was a story about a man in NC finding one of these trophies in the trash back in 2014, which had belonged to one of the Duke Coaches!

The pictures below include the trophy that was found in the trash (and later auctioned off), as well as the trophy from Oregon State player Leeland “Lee” Gustafson, who is pictured below (bottom row – far right on the team picture).  The trophy stands about 20 inches tall and is a beautiful example of the way trophies looked back when they had true character and style!



1942 Rose Bowl Game Ball – Oregon State vs. Duke

In earlier posts I have given some background on Oregon State’s first appearance (and only victory) in a Rose Bowl game, which took place on New Years Day in 1942.  It was this game when the boys from Corvallis defeated a favored Duke 20-16 in the only Rose Bowl game not played in California, due to concerns on the West Coast after the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor a few weeks earlier. Oregon State’s Don Durdan was named the “Rose Bowl Player Of The Game” when the award was created in 1953 and selections were made retroactively.

This is a game ball from that 1942 Rose Bowl game (Photo by Jon Gardiner).  It currently resides in the Duke Sports Hall of Fame and is shown in a great online article by Duke Magazine that was written in 2011, giving Duke’s perspective of this unique Rose Bowl game.  But if game balls were given back in 1942, I’m sure Don Durdan had one of these sitting on his shelf for many years!

1942 Rose Bowl Game Ball

1957 Oregon State Rose Bowl Pennant

This 1957 OSU Rose Bowl pennant is a slight variation from this earlier pennant I posted.  Besides being orange with black writing (the earlier version was black with orange writing), there are a couple other small differences.  First, the picture showing the beaver and the Oregon State text do appear to be the same on both pennants.  However, the picture and writing on the left side of the pennant, showing the roses and the stadium, are slightly different.  Notice the bottom the black pennant, below the stadium, has two roses, while this pennant shows three roses.  Both have one rose above the stadium, but the leaves are slightly different.  And the stadium is a little smaller in this orange version than in the black version.  Also, above the stadium, the “Rose Bowl” writing on the black pennant is in cursive, while on the orange version it’s traditional letters.  Lastly, the orange pennant also has four different colors printed on it while the black one just has two. I still believe these are both from the 1957 Rose Bowl game, but maybe they were just printed at different locations, or the orange one was a little more money!?

1965 RB 1957 Rose Bowl Pennant

1965 Oregon State Rose Bowl Pin With Metal Charm

This pin with a small metal football player charm is from the 1965 Rose Bowl, the last time the Beavs played in a Rose Bowl game.  Oregon State lost to Michigan 34-7 and here is a little background about that game.  The Beavers made their third Rose Bowl appearance with a bit of controversy. Following the disbanding of the Pacific Coast Conference in 1959 due to a pay-for-play scandal, the reformed Athletic Association of Western Universities did not initially include Oregon State and Oregon. The two Oregon schools rejoined in time for the 1964 season, but the conference did not have time to reschedule a full head-to-head conference schedule. As a result, Oregon State and USC did not play each other, and when they finished with identical 3–1 conference records, the decision of which team to send to Pasadena was left to a vote among the conference’s schools. At first, the most people assumed Oregon State would get the nod based on their better overall record (8–2 vs. 7–3). However, when it was announced that the vote would be delayed until after USC’s season ending game with top ranked and undefeated Notre Dame, many people inferred that if USC upset the Irish, they would get the nod. Indeed, USC shocked Notre Dame 20–17 so now many people assumed USC would get the Rose Bowl invitation. When the vote was taken just hours after the USC – Notre Dame game, the conferences’ eight members split, four votes for both Oregon State and USC. The tiebreaker in such an instance was to eliminate the team that had more recently gone to the Rose Bowl, and Southern California had gone two years prior.

1965 Rose Bowl

Rose Bowl Pinback

Here is another Oregon State Rose Bowl pinback that is different from the previously posted ones.  This pin has the original ribbons, but I’m unsure of the date.  Just given the overall style and condition, I’m going to surmise this one is from the 1965 game!  I guess one good thing about the Beavers only going to three Rose Bowls is it narrows down my choice for which year some of these items are from!

1965 Possibly

1965 Rose Bowl Pennant

I believe this pennant is from Oregon State’s 1965 Rose Bowl game versus Michigan.  I’m assuming it’s from 1965 and not 1957, because we know what the 1957 pennant looks like from confirmed pictures during that game, and this one is much different.

I don’t want to guarantee this is from 1965, however, because the football player’s helmet doesn’t have a bar or mask on it.   That would seem to date it closer to 1957 instead of 1965, but they may have just been using that picture to make it look like a “classic” football picture to make it look old school.  On the other hand, the block style letters are more consistent with the 1960’s than the 50’s.  If anyone knows for sure, let me know!

1957 RB

1942 Rose Bowl Pin & Ribbon

Here is the second of the two 1942 Rose Bowl ribbons that I have found.  This pin is much smaller than the first, a little bigger than a quarter, and the gold writing on the black ribbon has mostly worn off.  But if you look closely, you can still read that it says “Oregon State Beavers vs. Duke Blue Devils,” and below that, “Durham, N.C.”

1942 Rose Bowl Pin