Vintage Oregon State Letter from Letterman’s Jacket/Sweater (pre 1940’s)

This vintage Oregon State letter, which likely was stitched on an athlete’s letterman’s jacket or more likely sweater, is one of the earliest OSU letters I’ve seen.  This came from a house from a man attended OSU in the late 1940’s, but his father also attended OSU (and later taught there) prior to him attending.  Given the overall look and feel of this letter, and the style of the beaver, I have a feeling it’s pre-1940’s and probably from around the time when his father attended.  I have seen one other similar letter which also had a beaver in the middle of the O (which is very rare as almost all OSU letters are just a plain O), but that one doesn’t have the detail of this one, which includes some tiny white stitches for the beaver’s teeth!  I have attached a picture of both so you can see the differences!  And lastly, this third picture is a small letter I came across, which is about a third the size of the other two.  It is very old and I’m not sure what it would have been on, except for possibly a woman’s letterman’s sweater?

1940's or earlier Oregon Felt Co.

Vintage OSU Letter

Small Vintage Letter

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